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Buy YouTube Comments

YouTube comments can be the determiner that distinguishes a successful channel and a failed one.

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What are the benefits of purchasing YouTube comments?

The presence of comments on your YouTube videos can influence their positioning in YouTube’s rankings. By purchasing YouTube comments, you can potentially garner additional comments from viewers, thereby enhancing your likelihood of achieving a higher ranking.

What is the purpose of YouTube comments?

Obtaining comments is among the most challenging forms of engagement to secure across all social media platforms, hence they are highly valued by algorithms. Furthermore, comments are an effective way to capture your audience’s attention.


Once your purchase is finalized, we immediately begin processing your order. The completion timeframe aligns with the estimated delivery duration displayed on the specific service’s page.


The services you purchase will remain consistent, with no decline. Should there be any drop, rest assured we commit to replenishing any reductions for up to six months following your acquisition.


If we fail to deliver your order within the projected delivery time, especially if the delay exceeds three days, we assure you a full refund. For an in-depth understanding, kindly review our Refund Policy.


We offer round-the-clock live customer assistance. Whether through our integrated chat feature, WhatsApp, or our provided email address, feel free to reach out at any time. Our dedicated team is consistently available to assist you.


You have the option to use your credit card through some of the most globally recognized and secure payment platforms available. There’s no need for you to register beforehand to complete your payment.


We never request your password or any personal details. It’s advised to safeguard your account and never divulge your passwords to others.


To ensure accurate tracking of your order activities after buying, avoid purchasing identical items from multiple websites at the same time.

Buy Real YouTube Comments

What are the reasons to purchase YouTube comments?

Investing in YouTube comments can enhance your chances of boosting engagement levels. If you operate a YouTube channel with monetization goals, it’s vital to maintain an active presence. This involves frequently recording, editing, and posting videos. Garnering reactions such as likes, dislikes, and comments on your videos is critical. These interactions contribute to the popularity of your channel.

Getting viewer comments can be challenging, particularly in the early stages. Most times, viewers only comment on rare occasions. While you cannot compel them to provide feedback, purchasing YouTube comments is a viable option.

First, ensure that the comment function is enabled for your uploaded videos. If this feature is deactivated, it prevents your followers from leaving comments on your videos. The act of commenting can significantly boost a video’s popularity. Here’s why you should contemplate investing in our YouTube services:

  • Any feedback on your video, even if it’s negative, can have a beneficial effect on your account.
  • Both personalized and general comments posted can convince other viewers that your videos are worth their time.
  • Comments boost the viewership of your videos by serving as a direct ranking factor that helps position your video higher in search results.
  • Comments instigate dialogues and contribute to elevating your engagement metrics.

Why are YouTube comments important?

Achieving high levels of engagement on YouTube is crucial for growing your subscriber base. Your most devoted subscribers will likely watch all or most of your new videos, frequently providing likes and support. Interacting with them is vital; strive to obtain their feedback immediately after posting a new video. Comments equate to engagement, and when viewers notice that your videos have interactive discussions, they’re more likely to participate themselves. This principle applies equally to your Shorts videos.

Taking into account both positive and negative feedback can provide insights into what your followers desire, allowing you to respond appropriately. But what if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a large subscriber base? In such a case, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing YouTube comments, likes, and subscribers to kickstart your YouTube journey.

Upon visiting our page, you’ll encounter two choices. The first is "Regular," which offers you comments from bot users on YouTube that mimic real users. The second option is "Real," where the comments are made by actual human beings.

Comments made by bots come from accounts that aren’t real but appear to be. If your videos lack comments or have very few, you might consider purchasing YouTube comments

Purchasing accounts that appear authentic for comments poses no risks, though other users may potentially recognize them. Generally, real YouTube comments have a more authentic appearance. However, comments generated by bots can also be perfectly effective. Keep in mind, we are leaders in this field. We always strive for nothing less than the highest quality.

Comments Won’t Disappear

The count of comments will remain stable. While individuals may choose to unsubscribe from your channel, they typically don’t erase their comments. Hence, the comments you receive, be they from bots or real users, are permanent.

Several elements determine a video’s placement on YouTube, one of which includes the amount of likes and comments it garners. Merely having subscribers isn’t sufficient in the social media sphere. To foster engagement, your YouTube videos need comments. Comments lend an air of professionalism, value, and authenticity to your account.

Buy YouTube Comments

Is it possible to purchase YouTube comments for my videos?

The process of purchasing is simpler than you might imagine. All we require is the URL link to your video. If you’re interested in purchasing a large quantity of custom YouTube comments, consider our auto-comment feature. With auto-comments, your upcoming YouTube videos will automatically receive comments once they are posted.

Our payment system is highly secure, ensuring the safety of your credit card information. Additionally, we don’t request your YouTube account password, thereby maintaining its security as well.

Select the desired quantity of real YouTube comments.

Genuine YouTube users are typically drawn to engaging and popular individuals with a high subscriber count. A lack of comments can make your profile appear less attractive as it suggests a lack of interaction. Therefore, the most effective and secure method to increase your YouTube subscriptions is to purchase from reputable sites, such as ours.

Securing a trustworthy encrypted payment system is paramount when purchasing authentic comments. For our YouTube comments service, your username is all we need. Once your payment is made, you’re all set. Within mere minutes, the video you provided will receive the number of comments you bought from us.

Purchasing Real YouTube Comments can invigorate your channel’s activity. However, if your aim is to boost comments on just one video, it might not significantly contribute to your account’s overall popularity (unless the video goes viral). This is because increasing the popularity of your account usually requires more than just boosting comments on a single video. YouTube’s algorithm views it as just one entity. Even if this video becomes highly successful and trends, garnering many views, it ultimately remains a single post.

Refund Guaranteed

Once you take advantage of our services, the prompt delivery of comments will begin. Every video you upload will receive comments. If the comments do not start appearing within the specified time frame given at the time of purchase, you have the right to receive a refund.

BoostOkay assures you the most competitive prices in the market. You can quickly elevate your profile/brand/account’s popularity by purchasing followers and comments at affordable rates. In the current scenario, most YouTube channel owners employ this strategy to expand their reach. You too can join their ranks.

How To Buy YouTube Comments?

What is the process for purchasing YouTube comments?

Now that you understand the nature of our YouTube comments service and the advantages of acquiring it, we are pleased to offer you the most affordable option available. If you have decided to purchase comments, we kindly request that you refer to the following comprehensive guide, which outlines the step-by-step process:

  • At the top of this webpage, you can choose the number of comments that you want to buy.
  • Kindly input the URL of the YouTube video for which you desire comments into the designated box.
  • Click on the "Add to Cart" or "Finish Order" buttons and continue to the next page.
  • Next, click on "Checkout" and go to the payment page.

The YouTube comments you’ve purchased will appear on your profile as promptly as possible. If there are any delays or other issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]. If you wish to boost your YouTube subscribers, we can assist with that as well. BoostOkay supports all types of YouTube engagement. It’s simple to purchase YouTube views and comments from our website. If you have a video and you’re challenging your subscribers with a goal like "can this get 1000 comments?", you can achieve it with just one click, even if your subscribers aren’t able to provide those many comments.

Do YouTube comments have the potential to assist me in monetizing my YouTube channel?

While direct assistance may not be feasible, the variety in your comments section can draw people in. This could potentially lead to them becoming engrossed in your content and binge-watching your videos. Thus, the comments can indirectly contribute positively to the process.

Will the comments I purchase for YouTube appear genuine or will they seem like spam?

We assure you that the comments you receive will be varied, genuine, and as realistic as possible. An average YouTube user won’t be able to discern that you’ve purchased comments.

What is the estimated timeframe for receiving YouTube comments?

By inputting the quantity of real comments you wish to purchase into the order form, you can view the estimated delivery time.

How can I obtain the most popular comments on YouTube?

A popular comment is a comment that has garnered more upvotes than any other, hence the name. This means it’s prominently displayed at the top and is more visible to viewers compared to other comments.

Is it possible to view comments on the YouTube mobile app?

Yes, as of 2021, YouTube has introduced a feature that allows users to view and post comments on the mobile app. This option can be located at the bottom of the page for each video.

How can I access my previous comments on YouTube?

To view your past comments on YouTube, navigate to the History page. From there, choose the ’Comments’ section from the provided list. This will display all the comments you’ve made previously.

Can I give a thumbs-up to my own comment?

Yes, it’s possible to like your own comment. However, bear in mind that you can only like it once and YouTube often penalizes such actions. Therefore, while it’s technically possible, it’s generally discouraged.

Is it secure to purchase YouTube comments?

Indeed. Our system is protected by an SSL certificate, ensuring the security of all your transactions.

What is the process for enabling comments on YouTube?

This can be accomplished via the Creator Studio. Once signed in, navigate to the Community section within the Creator Studio. From there, select Community Settings. Scroll down to find the Default Settings area, where you’ll be able to choose ’Allow all comments’. Finally, hit ’Save’ to finalize your changes.

What steps should I take if I’m unable to load comments?

This issue could be due to an error with your cache data. To rectify this, ensure you clear your data and attempt to load the comments again. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, verify that all data has indeed been cleared.


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